Anna Muzychuk came to Championship

20. November 2021

On Friday, in the late evening, one of the world's best players, Ukrainian Anna Muzychuk, also came to the championship to replace the ill player Anna Ushenina. This will give the Ukrainian team an extra boost to jump to the top places in the championship.

Ana was born in Ukraine, but she has fond memories of Slovenia, as she has represented Slovenia at international competitions since 2004. Since 2014, he has been performing for Ukraine again.
At the 36th Chess Olympiad, she competed as the first board of the Slovenian national team, where she won the title of female grandmaster (wGM) with an excellent performance (November 2004).

Selection of her greatest successes:
• 1st place at the 2010 World Youth Championships (D20)
• 2nd place at the 2004 World Junior Championships (D14)
• Champion of Ukraine in 2003 in the membership competition
• European Champion in 1996 (D8), 1998 (D10), 2000 (D10), 2002 (D12), 2003 (D14)