Statement by the Organizing Committee

18. November 2021

During the regular tests of the Championship one player went through all the necessary tests and was declared by the doctors as a positive case. The player is isolated according the Slovenian protocols and will not continue the tournament.

Even all the rest regular tests were negative, everyone who was in contact was examined and had already 2 additional tests. All the tests including Rapid and PCR tests were negative.

We note that according the official instructions of National Institute of Public Health of Slovenia for persons who have been vaccinated against COVID-19, quarantine due to contact is not required if less than 9 months have elapsed since the establishment of COVID-19 protection.

The player who tested positive may be replaced. The Chief Arbiter may apply additional safety measures to any player or captain as foreseen in the tournament protocol.

We wish everyone a safe rest of tournament and the affected player best and fast recovery. Players and Captains and tournament officials shall continue follow strictly the sanitary rules and the Organising Committee will continue to monitor the situation and ask for additional tests according the health protocols and Slovenia law.